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HostGator v/s iPage hosting - Why HostGator is better?

Both HostGator and iPage is exceptionally reputed in the web hosting industry, so they have been in the web hosting business for many years. To select the best between both the glamorous companies like HostGator and iPage is actually a tough job over the other for your individual web hosting requirements. Then again, you can discover the dissimilarities even very clear when you carefully observe the service and features. Also you can get this in every web hosting package of Hostgator coupon code. To notice how the perfectly equipped company experience the exceptional requirements of your company, so consider both HostGator and iPage.

Features and Pricing plan:

There are 3 different types of packages offered by our HostGator coupon such as the Business plans, the Hatching and Baby. By paying only $4.95/month, the Hatching plan provides a great worth as well as enough of freebies fixed on to that same price. Whereas, by paying only $12.95/month, you can avail the Business plan as well as it approaches completely loaded with everything you want to host the website at a single less cost. On the other hand, by paying only $3.50/month with our HostGator Coupon code, you can avail the single plan offered by iPage. If you desire to modify the web hosting packages according to your particular business requirements, then it is advantageous to have a various kind of plans to pick properly whereas the cost is accurate beyond doubt. You should also take note of a promotional offer having $3.50 price that may not be around at all times.


On the whole, the web hosting plans of HostGator are associated with an up time warranty which is nearly about 99.9%. Make an effort as we might, otherwise you never discover the similar warranty on the iPage website unlike HostGator. As a matter of fact, you did not come across much more about reliability during this company phase. For web hosting, both of these eminent companies offer globally friendly solutions, for example if your are using  the use of wind energy. Now-a-days the energy source like wind energy source is avail by one or two of the glamorous web hosting companies, as well as you have faith in it as it is a fine opportunity to assist you to operate your company professionally without resulting in a carbon foot mark at the back. On the other hand, you must be fond of knowing much more about what iPage does to provide warranty reliability of the aforementioned hosting services in addition.
Client Support:

According to any of the eminent web hosting services consumer support is a very essential feature; in the meantime systems can get worse any spell of the night or day. You will be provided to avail a 365 days of technical support as per your necessity with help of various contact possibilities to make it as simple as likely to communicate with help at the time when you require it. Both the eminent as well as glamorous web hosting company such as HostGator and iPage provide you 24-hour or day-and-night customer support with various facilities like live or online chat, telephone and email. In actuality, here we pleasantly support HostGator as it has achieved a lot of awards due to its better quality of providing service, and tons of clients have expressed their pleasure and appreciate the customer support of HostGator through a numerous of review websites.

General Characteristics

In the field of web hosting, both of the eminent as well as glamorous companies such as HostGator and iPage have offered well varieties of specialized services such as round-the-clock or 24-hour customer support, sufficient features to suit any business requisites and green energy choices etc. On the other hand, as HostGator, a reputed web hosting company, provides the simplest means to modify your web hosting package so as to fulfill your particular business demands. Even though the reputed as well as impressive web hosting company like iPage come into view to present the lower monthly rate at the present time, the advertising nature of the price brings us about wonder if that quantity do not make larger in the not so far future. Whereas most of the companies remain glad with either of the eminent as well as glamorous web hosting companies such as HostGator or iPage, we have a tendency to put in a good word for HostGator over and over again, as a result of its status, up time warranty and in several of web hosting packages available. HostGator also offers Dedicated Hosting or VPS if you want to change it in the near future, also available in discounted price by using hostgator coupon. At that time HostGator would be the better option if you consider you might want to improve.

Control Panel and Open Source Application Installation:

If you are very pleased with the service features such as reliability, pricing plan and general characteristics provided by a web hosting company and their 365 days client support but an additional important thing to take into account is the Control Panel offered by your web hosting company as well as how WordPress or open source application can be installed on your domain. In the web hosting market, the normal control panel of the eminent and glamorous industry is termed as cPanel. Both of the famous and glamorous web hosting companies such as HostGator and iPage proffer cPanel support for their clients. 

The features accessible in cPanel are same by both the famous companies but HostGator has a disadvantage here as they do not provide free site builder and the User Interface of their cPanel is not so easy. An additional good thing about the most renowned web hosting companies like HostGator and iPage is that, you can simply install your favorite applications or WordPress on your domain without difficulty with 1-click procedure. For example, if you want to install Joomla, a WordPress on your domain, then you can do it so simply with just one click of mouse. In cPanel, there is an application termed as Fantastico which will assist you installs the third party app very easily. Hope this article will help you to conclude that HostGator is found better than the iPage web hosting in any manner.


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